Create a Heart360® account in 4 quick steps!
To use Heart360® you must have an email address.

Sign up for an Account

To get started using Heart360®, you will first need to create a secure Microsoft® HealthVault account.

HealthVault is a safe and secure place to store your personal health record.

Create a HealthVault Account

Enter all of the required information on this HealthVault "Create new account" page and accept the HealthVault terms and conditions by clicking the "I accept" button.

Allow Heart360® Access to Your Account

In order to allow HealthVault to connect to Heart360® and store all of the health data you enter, click the "Allow access" button.

Finish creating your Heart360® Account

The final step in creating your account is to accept the Heart360® Terms of Use, enter your contact information and your first blood pressure reading! Once you complete this step, you’ll be taken to the Heart360® dashboard.